#ShavelessFeb to Benefit Vax Injured at React19.org

Go Shaveless in February for Vax Injured,
Urge Concerned Physicians
Contact: Dr. Craig M Wax, physician1@comcast.net
Physicians are urging individuals in the United States and around the world to get involved to raise awareness and support the vaccine injured during “Shaveless February,” #ShavelessFeb.
Serious adverse events caused by modified mRNA and DNA COVID “vaccines,” have resulted in, “numerous cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, hematological, malignant, and autoimmune [injuries] identified and published in the peer-reviewed medical literature,” explains Dr. Peter McCullough and colleagues in a comprehensive review article published on January 25, 2024.
Ways to participate in Shaveless February include the following:

Don’t shave during February.
Post selfies on social media tagged with #ShavelessFeb.
Text “REACT” to 50155 to donate.
Tag friends on social media to do #ShavelessFeb

In addition to advocacy for informed consent, calls for safety review at #FDA and #CDC and halting further distribution of products and use of this pathway, Family physician and media host, Craig M. Wax, DO (@drcraigwax on social media) created Shaveless February to put a “face” on those injured and gain support and resources to help them. Dr. Wax is networking with React19.org, an organization founded by Dr. Joel Wallskog, an orthopedic surgeon, to call for and provide needed attention and assistance. Dr. Wallskog, personally, was medically harmed by mandated mRNA COVD “vaccines.”  His story, and that of React19.org, can be found at their website (https://react19.org/).
Dr. Wax thanks react19.org for making #ShavelessFeb possible and for helping those injured people who are suffering and ignored by the medical establishment and governments around the world. Many organizations and media outlets will be sharing the opportunity and spreading the call, including musical artist Five Times August who is writing a song for the event.
Dr. Wallskog and Dr. Wax are available for interviews now and going forward.  Please email joel.wallskog@react19.org or physician1@comcast.net, respectively.

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