FLCCC News Capsule: “Our Life Expectancy Dropped from 79 to 76 in the Span of Three Years. Who has to Die for that to Happen?”

This week, Dr. Pierre Kory, chief medical officer and president of the FLCCC, sat down with the “Stay Free” talk show host Russell Brand to discuss the growing phenomenon of excess deaths.

“Insurance companies started talking about how they saw historically high rates of death…particularly in the third quarter of 2021. That’s when vaccines were being mandated,” Dr. Kory told Brand. “These deaths proliferated in universities, and in corporations—even Fortune 500 companies—whose employees were some of the healthiest members of society. Suddenly they started to die at the highest rates…and the insurance companies began to adjust the rates of their premiums accordingly.”

Brand responded, “Well then why would the FDA not be conducting a serious investigation about this?”

“Well that would open the door to admitting immense responsibility and liability,” answered Dr. Kory. “Our life expectancy dropped from 79 to 76 in the span of three years. Think about it. Who has to die for that to happen? It’s young people.”


“When media shows curiosity, digs deep, and asks tough questions it reminds us all what journalism is and can be. Huge props to Russell Brand and his team at “Stay Free” for our interview.  Now it’s up to all the citizens to put pressure on their (state) legislators to get these shots stopped. Lives are on the line. Every single day. Still.”


Also this week, Dr. Meryl Nass appeared with MP Andrew Bridgen on Russell Brand’s “Stay Free” podcast to discuss excess deaths, Dr. Nass’s fight to regain her medical license after it was suspended for telling the truth about COVID and the shots, and the WHO’s power grab.

“The WHO really cannot make any claims that it did anything right [during the COVID pandemic],” said Dr. Nass. “Now it wants to transmute itself from an agency that gives advice to one that actually governs the health of the whole world.”

(L-R:) Dr. Meryl Nass, MP Andrew Bridgen of the UK, and Russell Brand.

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are those that concern Long Vax. What are the symptoms? How do we talk to our doctors about Long Vax? What treatments are available to address the symptoms?

This blog post provides comprehensive answers to those questions—and more. If you are concerned that you or a loved one may have Long Vax, this is an important read. For starters, it is helpful to understand some of the key differences between Long COVID and Long Vax.

Dr. Kory offers this overview:

“Long Vax is literally the same thing as Long COVID, except it develops right after the vaccine. And the only difference between Long Vax and Long COVID is that Long Vax on average is more severe. My Long Vax patients are on average sicker than my Long COVID patients. And the other difference is, with Long COVID some have persistent pulmonary involvement from their acute illness. But otherwise they are the same illness.”

FLCCC Alliance Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pierre Kory, joined Jan Jeffcoat on The National Desk (TND) and discussed the lingering side effects of Long COVID and Long Vax.

The interview on TND—a daily television news program produced by the Sinclair Broadcast Group—also included information on how the repurposed drugs, ivermectin and Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) are being used to treat spike-protein induced diseases.

On this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, host Betsy Ashton was joined by Dr. Paul Marik, chairman and chief scientific officer of the FLCCC and Scott Marsland, FNP-C to discuss lingering Long COVID and Long Vax symptoms.

Viewers learned that there are three pillars that describe the overarching symptoms of both Long COVID and Long Vax: Profound fatigue, brain fog, and post-exertional malaise. However, there are differences between the two syndromes.

💊Long COVID is a prolonged illness after COVID-19, which may persist for months after the acute infection.

💊Long Vax is a temporal correlation between receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and the beginning or worsening of clinical manifestations (when the symptoms are unexplained by other concurrent causes.)

The discussion also included a very important review of the recent updates to our I-RECOVER Long COVID protocol and our I-RECOVER Long Vax protocol. Also, the link to Dr. Marik’s slide deck which outlines the changes to the protocols is HERE.

In this podcast with host Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review, Dr. Pierre Kory presents the evidence that all gene therapy products (like the mRNA shots) shed through exosomes.

During the show, Dr. Kory explained how women who did not get the shots were exposed to those who did —and subsequently suffered menstrual irregularities. Others suffered headache and fatigue from being in a crowd with people who were recently boosted. He also warned that excess deaths in 2023 got even worse, and that’s likely due to the long-term effects of shedding. Finally, (and sadly unsurprising), is that states have remained deafeningly silent about the subject of shedding in spite of the shocking (and mounting) evidence that shedding is taking a serious toll on the health of so many.

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Paul Mann had a total of ten radiation treatments and then six rounds of chemotherapy.

His oncologist said his stage 4 cancer wasn’t curative. Then he met Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy. You will not believe what happened next…

Thank you, Paul, for sharing your incredibly uplifting story.

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