There It Is: USDA Scientists Weigh Avian Flu Vaccine . . . for Cattle

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For the past few weeks, we’ve heard news reports of avian flu being transmitted from birds to cattle. That narrative shifted recently to say it’s actually cattle that are spreading the disease to poultry. Now, USDA scientists are weighing their options which include an avian flu vaccine for cows.

As has been demonstrated time and again in recent decades, most so-called “vaccines” injected into livestock and poultry end up having a detrimental effect. This is why many all-natural food companies, including Prepper All-Naturals, fight against injections and work only with farmers and ranchers who are not required to jab their animals with dangerous experimental vaccines.

“This avian flu is unprecedented but aligns perfectly with the desires of the powers-that-be to control the food supply,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “The steady grind of attacks against the beef industry is indicative of the authoritarian times in which we live.”

According to the University of Minnesota, avian flu vaccines may be coming to a steak near you in the future:

In updates to its frequently-asked-question backgrounder on the H5N1 avian flu situation in dairy cows yesterday, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) provided several updates on the investigation and response, including that its Agricultural Research Service has started to assess the potential to develop an H5N1 vaccine for cows.

The agency added that it’s difficult to say how long development might take, because there are still questions about transmission to cattle and characteristics of infection in cows. APHIS said manufacturers have expressed interest in producing vaccines for both poultry and cows.

“We will continue to engage with these developers to better understand their vaccine development, the efficacy of potential vaccines, as well as the cost of development and production,” it said.

Food inflation in general and skyrocketing meat costs in particular have prompted many Americans to start stocking up on long-term storage food. Freeze-dried foods for “preppers” are becoming scarce as companies struggle to keep up with the spike in demand.

“We’re producing as much Ribeye, NY Strip, and other cuts as fast as we can,” Nelson said. “Thankfully it has a 25-year shelf life so we have the luxury of being allowed to over-produce, mitigating the risk of having products sitting too long on shelves.”

Nelson said that bulk orders have been surging which is why the company recently added 10-packs of sous vide, freeze dried steaks to their product offerings. At 12 adult servings per bag, Americans who buy 10-packs can eat steak every day for four months if they wanted to, though most would spread it out as best they can if a protracted emergency situation struck.

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“We know many Americans are gravely concerned which is why we’re not bumping up prices to match demand,” Nelson said. “We’re more interested in modest profits at higher volume because that means more families will be prepared for whatever the powers-that-be do to the natural beef supply in the near future.”

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