The Diabolical Dozen: The Twelve “Most-Significant COVID Events”

The Diabolical Dozen: The Twelve “Most-Significant COVID Events”

Authored by Bill Rice via The Brownstone Institute,

When a new ‘medical’ product causes millions of deaths and life-altering adverse events, this should qualify as a “significant event.”

I occasionally enjoy publishing “List” articles.

To me, these essays can provide larger context on important topics and can assist writers in their quest to connect dots that identify the key events that explain how we got to our “Twilight Zone” New Normal.

Today’s list is “The Dozen Most Important/Significant Events of Covid.” 

This compilation is of course one person’s opinion and the list and rankings are subject to later revisions as new facts or news emerge.

1. All Important ‘Truth-Seeking’ Organizations Became Completely Captured

COMMENT: This development largely occurred before “official” Covid, but I rank this development first because nothing that later occurred would have occurred if this hadn’t taken place. That is, if just a few important organizations weren’t completely captured, the world might not have been (forever?) changed.

Little did we know in 1983 how much influence this man would later have on the world.

In hindsight, the emergence of Anthony Fauci as the leader of the most important US government “science” agency was very significant. Fauci’s influence spiked tremendously after the AIDS scare of the early and mid-1980s. That is, one needs to employ a longer-term historic view to fully appreciate what’s happening today… and why and how these things happened.

(Of course, I could go back much further – like to the Rockefeller Foundation, but to save space, I’ll do that later). 

2. Experimental mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Were Created and Then Administered…

The shots were often mandatory or at least coerced with those who refused to get their shots often experiencing myriad negative consequences. The rollout of Covid shots and then “boosters” has to be at or near the top of my list because these injections (received by billions of people) likely produced millions of life-altering adverse events and deaths.

3. Chinese Officials Notify the World Health Organization That a ‘Novel’ Virus That Causes Pneumonia-Like Symptoms has Been Identified in Wuhan, China…

Chinese officials contacted officials at the WHO on December 31, 2019. 

Comment: If officials hadn’t made this observation and phone call, it’s very possible nobody would have ever heard of a new coronavirus and the disease dubbed “Covid-19” would never have been identified. No phone call to the WHO likely = “no draconian Covid responses.”

4. The Covid PCR Test is Created, Patented, and – After Approximately Mid-March 2020 – Widely Administered…

Comment: Absent the creation and regulatory approval of the PCR diagnostic test, a Covid pandemic probably wouldn’t have even happened. For example, before the PCR test was created and then widely utilized, no Covid pandemic existed.

5. Large Numbers of ‘Covid Deaths’ are Identified First in Northern Italy and Then in Cities like New York, New Orleans, and Detroit…

Comment: Everyone who allegedly died from Covid reportedly had “tested positive” via the PCR test. Absent this test, these deaths wouldn’t have been labeled as “Covid deaths.” 

In retrospect, it was important that millions of new “cases” be identified, but, just as importantly, that some large percentage of these cases were later cited as the cause of large numbers of deaths. Thus, we had not just a “novel virus,” but a “deadly” virus as well.

It’s also worth noting that Covid “cases” can and are labeled as “asymptomatic.” That is, all cases of “Covid” are not “medical cases” that require medical treatment. One word – “cases” – ended up producing unprecedented fear/panic in the population. This fear was used to justify…

6. Almost in Unison, in Nations Around the World, Presidents and Prime Ministers Ordered Lockdowns…

to prevent spread of this “deadly” new virus and/or to “slow the curve” and/or to prevent hospitals from being over-run with “Covid” patients.

Comment: These national leaders were acting on the advice of “public health experts” (like Anthony Fauci and the UK’s Jeremy Farrar). Governors, mayors, and bureaucrats at various “public health agencies” actually enforced and implemented the lockdowns. It was a team effort of mass groupthink.

7. No Significant Organization or Leaders Challenged the Necessity of Global Lockdowns…

COMMENT:  “Significant Events” include not only policies and mandates that did ensue, but events that did not occur. 

No pushback regarding the “Covid response” is the best example of potentially important actions that did not occur. 

Another example is that no investigations were ever pursued that might establish that many people had already become sick with symptoms that were almost identical to Covid-19. Because of this, the public never learned that this alleged “deadly” virus might not have been “deadly” at all.

(This, I’m pretty sure, explains why my “early spread” articles have been ignored by everyone who matters.)

8. The Censorship Industrial Complex Exerts its Control; ‘Spreading Disinformation’ Becomes a Life-Changing Offense…

Comment: The legacy “mainstream” media and almost all of the social media platforms outlawed,  deplatformed, or restricted the reach of views that challenged the “authorized narrative” put forth by the official experts. 

This effort was clearly coordinated and included many government officials. Because of this program, most people in the world were never aware that the claims of officials might be dubious, spurious, or false. 

Because of these censorship and intimidation programs, fear remained widespread, which made most citizens go along with draconian responses like lockdowns, masks, and, later, coerced or mandatory “vaccines.”

Also, “disinformation, misinformation, and mal-information” programs were expanded to make many non-Covid topics taboo or disallowed. For example, questioning election results, the narrative that “Russia hacked an election,” or protesting the carnage that resulted from the George Floyd “protests” (riots) were now risky or even banned “free speech” exercises. 

In short, Covid speech rules were expanded to intimidate or punish people who hold views that do not match those of the Establishment classes.

Arguably, the brazen attack on free speech and the jaw-dropping growth of the “Censorship Industrial Complex” is the most significant event in world history as this precludes or neuters skepticism, the practice of the real Scientific Method (and even the Socratic Method), and allows those with absolute power to acquire even more power and control.

9. The Death of ‘Transparency…’

Comment: Increasingly, official or important data is now kept from the public. Requests for information are ignored or, when some documents are belatedly produced (after expensive and time-consuming Freedom of Information Requests are filed), the documents are heavily redacted.  

Documents and data that should not be “top secret” and have nothing to do with “national security” are increasingly labeled as “top secret” and off-limits to the public.

Take-away: As it turned out, the “public” does not have a “right to know…” even about issues that directly and indirectly affect the lives of every member of the public. “Informed consent” is no longer possible.

10. One Covid-Mitigation Measure – Mail-In Ballots – Made Election Fraud Far More Likely or Easy to Achieve…

….which would threaten legitimate or trust-worthy democratic elections.

11. The Department of Justice, FBI, and Most Members of Congress Made an Example of the January 6 ‘Insurrectionists’…

On the surface this event had nothing to do with Covid. However, the arrest and detention of so many innocent protesters sent the message that any dissenters who try to speak on any non-authorized topic will be harshly punished by the State. 

The treatment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is another example where this important “message” was sent by the State. The message: “We are in charge. Do not challenge our control or this is what will happen to you.”

12. Vaccine Passports and ’15-Minute Cities’ are Created…

Comment: Under the guise of protecting the vaccinated from the non-vaccinated, digital surveillance becomes commonplace. (Largely unstated was the fact that if a “vaccine” really worked, the vaccinated wouldn’t have to worry about contracting this disease from the non-vaccinated). 

Among the world’s liberty defenders, the great fear is that vaccine passports will be expanded to monitor myriad “dangerous” or “harmful” activities, including efforts to reduce one’s “carbon footprint” to fight an ever greater health threat than Covid…Climate Change. 

This is already happening in many cities, which are dubbed “15-minute cities.” The idea is that people should be allowed to travel only about 15 miles from their homes, which will reduce their carbon footprint, which will, supposedly, help save the planet.

Of course, the main idea is that people can be controlled and monitored by digital surveillance, which was widely implemented for the first time during the hysteria of Covid.

If even more digital surveillance and “social credit” initiatives are implemented (including digital currency, which might effectively ban cash transactions), this item would also move much higher up my list of “most significant events of our Covid times.” 

As Dr. Meryl Nass and others are trying to warn the world, secret deliberations currently taking place to give the World Health Organization total control over “health emergencies” would make such “solutions” far more likely to occur in the future.

Not all Developments Were Negative…

I should note I can identify a few positive developments in the last four or so years. For example…

Substack became a popular writers’ platform and much of the narrative-challenging commentary and research emanated from these Substack authors, writers, and thinkers most of us would have never heard of if Substack had not been created. 

Millions of world inhabitant learned we are not alone…that plenty of other people think like we do, which has no doubt neutered the effort to “isolate” dissenters (although, arguably, we have been “herded” into a few corrals of contrarian free speech.)

At this writing, it remains to be seen if Substack’s potential growth and influence will be allowed to continue.

Brownstone Institute emerged as a force for sanity and leadership against authoritarianism.

Elon Musk bought Twitter, now X, which, largely, allows free speech. However, it’s clear that a coordinated effort (for example, from orchestrated advertising bans) has been organized to neuter or shutdown X as it’s currently operating.

More than 90 percent of the world opted – via their own free will – to pass on future Covid boosters. It’s even possible that fewer people are now getting their annual flu “vaccines.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. managed to write and publish perhaps the most important non-fiction book of our times, The Real Anthony Fauci. Despite never being reviewed by a mainstream newspaper or magazine, the book still became the No. 1 non-fiction best-seller in the world for many months. 

The book does an excellent job chronicling Covid lies, but its real significance is probably that it made far more people question the entire government-run healthcare/science establishment.

From autism to statins to anti-depressants, millions of people who never questioned the “pill-for-every-ill” narrative are now doing so. Kennedy is also running for president although every Establishment organization is  (of course) conspiring to defeat his campaign.

A yuppie-looking journalist named Tucker Carlson became the most popular journalist on the planet … but was fired by Fox News after his narrative-questioning went a bridge too far. Still, the fact that a prominent journalist like Carlson became immensely popular with so many citizens is probably worth noting.

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