mRNA Covid Vaccines Worsen Diabetes, Study Finds

new study by Zhai et al. found disturbing effects of mRNA COVID vaccines on people who are diabetic or prediabetic.

Authors report that “61.1% of patients with type 2 diabetes, but not healthy controls, exhibited aggravated insulin resistance towards the booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine”.

The study authors recruited 155 people and compared their condition before and after the mRNA COVID booster shots:

Between 1 June 2023 and 31 October 2023, we recruited 155 adults who have received two doses of the mRNA 80 COVID-19 vaccine (BNT162b2). The participants ranged in age from 18 to 65 years (median=53.5 years, IQR 12.0) and 60.25% are male. Human volunteers were recruited to determine their immune responses and glucose control before and 2 weeks after the booster.

They found that there was a significant effect on diabetic subjects:

About 61.1% of diabetic subjects had impairment of insulin sensitivity according to the HOMA-IR index and about 66.7% of diabetic subjects had increased risks of cardiovascular complications according to the TyG index.

Spike Protein is the Culprit!

I would like to compliment the authors, who bravely showed the deleterious effect of COVID-19 vaccines – something for which their careers will probably suffer – and also found out what exactly is the culprit in the COVID-19 vaccine.

It turns out to be “spike protein,” effects of which I underlined in blue, whereas conclusions about diabetes are underlined in red:

These charts show the worsening of diabetes, as well as increased risk of cardiovascular outcomes past Covid vaccines, in a simple set of charts:

The charts above show that the more spike protein, antibodies, or neutralizing immunity gained, the worse the blood sugar control decreases. The p-values above show that the dependency is strongly statistically significant.

Mouse Experiment Confirms Effect of COVID Vaccines

To their further credit, the authors did not stop at these convincing findings and decided to perform similar experiments on mice.

I feel very sorry for those mRNA-vaccinated mice.

Is their risk of “dying suddenly” increased? It sure looks like it!

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