FLCCC Podcast Round-Up

It’s Podcast Roundup time!


Dr. Pierre Kory returned to the Meg Ellefson Show to discuss the FDA Settlement of Apter v. HHS and more.


Dr. Paul Marik spoke to Joe Thomas in the morning on WCHV Charlottesville, VA regarding the FDA settlement.


FLCCC’s own Kristina Morros, CRNA joined host Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson to discuss Long COVID and Long Vax. Watch


Dr. Pierre Kory and Mary Beth Pfeiffer new Op-ed in The Washington Times looks at early onset cancer. Read: .‘Princess Catherine is one of many more young adults with cancer: This is not normal.


The “stop it” ivermectin post from the FDA was the subject when Dr. Paul Marik returned to The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson. 


Dr. Pierre Kory talked about failed COVID policies on the Grant Stinchfield Tonight Show of America’s Voice News. Watch:


The Sharyl Attkisson podcast welcomed Dr. Paul Marik for a far-reaching discussion on how the FLCCC started, his support of intermittent fasting, early treatment and empowering patients.


Dr. Paul Marik joined OANN’s ‘In Focus’ with Alison Steinberg.  Watch.


Attorney Warner Mendenhall spoke at the Covid Vaccine Injuries: Hidden in Plain Sight event on March 15, 2024. Watch


Dr. Pierre Kory returned to the Wendy Bell Radio for a discussion (in at 1:34:45) on COVID-19 vaccine shedding, symptoms, censorship, and more. Watch


Dr. Pierre Kory returned to the Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz for the episode ‘The Evidence That COVID Shots Shed to the Unvaccinated’. Listen


Dr. Pierre Kory also visited The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss shedding from COVID vaccines. Watch.


Dr. Paul Marik and Peter Boghoosian on The Lies of Big Pharma.”

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