FLCCC News Capsule: “We’re All Here for a Reason.” 2-11-24

“We’re all here for a reason,” said Dr. Pierre Kory, President of the FLCCC, as he opened the 2024 Winter Conference in Phoenix, Arizona to a sold-out crowd of nearly 600 people. (Watch the recap video HERE.)

Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory at the FLCCC’s Winter Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

But his opening greeting on February 2, 2024 was also directed to you—right now, reading this News Capsule. You are here, engaging with us today, for a reason.

For so many, it is because you, like millions of others around the nation (and indeed throughout the world), desire a seismic shift in our fractured healthcare system that dramatically (and tragically) revealed its wholesale brokenness during the pandemic. You yearn for HONEST MEDICINE.

You want (and deserve) a healthcare system that…

💊…puts patients over profits.

💊…champions robust scientific debate.

💊…focuses on the efficacy of repurposed drugs for other diseases.

💊…empowers patients to take charge of their own healthcare.

💊…embodies shared ethical and moral values.

💊…embraces and delivers HONEST MEDICINE.

Those are the sparks for the #HealthcareRevolution that were brilliantly ignited at our winter conference.

The best way to join the #HealthcareRevolution movement (and become part of our formidable FLCCC Army) is to join our brand new FLCCC FORUMS!

We are excited to introduce a place for the FLCCC community to connect without fear of censorship.

The FLCCC Forums are trusted safe, secure places to have conversations, debates, the free exchange of ideas, build referrals and make meaningful connections! There are already nearly two dozen groups you can join in the FLCCC Forum! Many more will be on the way with your participation!

You’ll notice that by joining now, you’ll become a “BETA” participant—which means that it’s still early days for the FLCCC Forums and you’ll have an important role to play in providing FLCCC feedback which will help us enhance this new feature. During this time, we will be continuing to innovate and introduce new features and functionality.


The FLCCC Alliance is proud to announce it has partnered with renowned breast cancer physician and researcher Kathleen T. Ruddy, MD, to conduct an observational study in collaboration with five U.S. clinics to track patient responses to various adjunct cancer therapies using repurposed drugs.


Dr. Ruddy and Dr. Marik will act as lead investigators with Dr. Pierre Kory acting as contributing author. Five clinics will participate in the study:

Health and Healing, led by Kathleen T. Ruddy, MD
Leading Edge Clinic, led by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA and Scott Marsland, FNP-C
Brio Medical, a holistic, integrative cancer healing center, led by Nathan Goodyear, MD, MD(H), ABAARM, FMNM
The James Clinic, led by Mollie James, DO, MPH, FACOS FACS, IFMCP
Meakin Metabolic Care, led by Charles Meakin, MD

💊Patients interested in participating in the study should contact the clinics listed above by following their contact links listed HERE.

“We hope that our research will bring attention to often overlooked methods for treating cancer as well as managing the symptoms from conventional treatment,” said Paul E. Marik, M.D., FCCM, FCCP, lead investigator of the study, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the FLCCC and former Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School. “Our research is intended to advance a better understanding of how cancer can be treated more efficiently, with fewer side effects, through using well-studied approaches that include readily available medications that are deeply researched and known to have minimal side effects.”


An extraordinary essay on Substack—written by Mary Beth Pfeiffer (an equally extraordinary investigative reporter)—will take your breath away.

It is the story of Paul Mann—“Patient Zero” in the essay, referring to the new cancer study discussed above—who recovered from Stage 4 cancer after being advised to take ivermectin by Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy, a retired cancer surgeon and author of an indispensable book on breast cancer entitled, The End of Breast Cancer: A Virus and the Hope for a Vaccine.”

“He took it every day,” wrote Ms. Pfeiffer. “And two months later, this man with almost no chance of survival was in remission.”

Dr. Ruddy herself was astounded. “In Paul Mann’s case, the response to treatment after two months of ivermectin was nothing less than astonishing,” she said. “Off the charts astonishing.”

This story offers a deep well of hope for cancer patients everywhere.

Paul Mann with Dr. Kathleen T. Ruddy at the FLCCC Winter Conference in Phoenix, Arizona where they shared their remarkable story with the sold out crowd of nearly 600 attendees. 

In a newly published document on the FLCCC website, Dr. Pierre Kory, President and Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC, provides stunning evidence from regulatory documents, review of the scientific literature of nanoparticle and gene therapy technology, published papers, and over 1000 clinical case testimonials that clinically significant shedding of spike protein from the vaccinated to others is occurring.

Dr. Kory believes this knowledge may be the most powerful means by which the mRNA vaccine booster program is stopped. “It is clear that shedding is far more common after a booster rollout,” said Dr. Kory. “I believe one of the best strategies going forward is to actively petition for a federal law to be passed mandating [the conditions] for a gene therapy product to enter the market.”

Dr. Kory’s review cites evidence from the remarkable work of his colleague, “A Midwestern Doctor (AMD)”— and over 1,000 people sharing their shedding experiences. “We have identified a few plausible mechanisms (and the evidence to support them) to explain why this transmission occurs, said AMD, writing on Substack. “These include exosome mediated shedding (most likely), asymptomatic COVID-19 shedding and transfected bacterial shedding.”

FLCCC Weekly Webinar host Betsy Ashton was joined this week by Dr. Paul Marik and FLCCC Executive Director Kelly Bumann who recapped the FLCCC’s 3rd educational conference in Phoenix, Arizona and discussed the recently launched FLCCC Observational Cancer Study.

Also, our Dr. Kristina Carman and CRNA Kristina Morros gave our viewers some incredible information on how to bulletproof your immune system! From gut health and supplements to adaptogens and how to stay healthy during cold and flu season, our two Kristinas offered a wealth of guidance and wellness information!

And, as always, your amazing questions about our new cancer study and your immune system were brilliantly addressed by our panel.

Since early in the COVID era, our experts have come together to research and create immunity-boosting strategies designed to keep you healthy.

When her dad, who was on far too many medications with MANY co-morbidities, contracted COVID while he was in the hospital from a fall, the family refused Remdesivir.

What they DID do will make you smile. This is one feel-good MyStory! 🤩

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