FLCCC News Capsule: “These [Excess Deaths] Datasets Will No Longer Be Updated.” So Exactly What are They Hiding?— 12-17-23

“This is bigger than COVID,” the headline thundered.

Wait. What could be bigger than COVID?

It’s this: Since 2021 (the year the COVID shots were jabbing their way into the bodies of millions across the country) many young Americans have died in swift, unexpected and alarming ways.

In a now viral opinion piece in The Hill, our own Dr. Pierre Kory and investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer asked WHY young people in the prime of their lives are suddenly ending up in cemeteries.

They have some thoughts about the answer.

“Actuarial reports — used by insurers to inform decisions — show deaths occurring disproportionately among young working-age people,” they write. “Vaccines were given to more than 270 million people, among them babies, pregnant women and workers under employer mandates. The therapeutic’s ‘warp speed,’ emergency use authorization must be part of any post-pandemic analysis, in light of more than 1 million reports of possible harm to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System and a new Yale University study validating a chronic post-vaccination syndrome.”

Now here’s a question for you: Why do you suppose the CDC opted in September to “archive” its excess deaths page? “These datasets will no longer be updated,” they posted on their website. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


Our “Here’s a Thought” columnist Jenna McCarthy just posted her latest essay entitled, “#DiedSuddenly Hurts When It Hits Home.” In the article, she details the sudden death of her husband’s closest friend—an active and fit 60-year-old…young by any measure these days. He passed away while on a long trail run—something he did often.

While no one can definitively say if the COVID shot was the culprit, it also cannot be excluded as a reason for his sudden death.

“We know that there was a time in the not-so-distant past when you were allowed to wonder — aloud, even — how and why a relatively young athlete with zero medical issues could be plucked from life in his prime,” writes Jenna. “Most importantly, we know exactly what’s changed in the meantime.”

You can read Jenna’s essay in its entirety HERE.

On the HighWire this week, Dr. Pierre Kory premiered a new short documentary by esteemed filmmaker Mikki Willis. The documentary shares the same title as that of Dr. Kory’s bestselling book, “The War on Ivermectin.”

“The smearing and censorship of anything having to do with letting the world know that ivermectin was efficacious for COVID was deadly,” Dr. Kory told HighWire host Del Bigtree. “Their actions and tactics led to millions of needless deaths around the world.”

FLCCC chairman and chief scientific officer Dr. Paul Marik, appearing in the film, said that because of hospital policies forbidding the administration of ivermectin to its COVID patients, “I had to stand by idly watching my patients die for the first time in my career.”

(REAL WORLD STORY: The FLCCC’s Kristina Morros, CRNA— whose critically ill father was also refused ivermectin in the hospital—checked her father out of the hospital, brought him home, and gave him ivermectin. He recovered within 48 hours.)

Drs. Kory and Marik maintain that the censorship and defamation campaign against ivermectin and providers who prescribed it was because ivermectin, an FDA-approved drug that is off-patent, globally available and inexpensive would have threatened the “obsessive” global vaccination policy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Too bad that policy not only threatened—but claimed—so many millions of lives. The policy-maker$ muted themselves and watched it happen while knowing full well that there was a way to save them. Their pact of silence was actually a lucrative bargain with the devil to let them die anyway. —JK

Dr. Pierre Kory’s testimony can be heard HERE at Member of Parliament (MP) Andrew Bridgen’s UK Parliament meeting “For Democracy, Truth, and Freedom.”

The event gathered leading authorities in their fields from around the world who had the courage to do what was right for their patients and suffered loss of their jobs, credentials and/or reputations because of it. They are still speaking out today.

Dr. Kory told the MPs in the gathering how and why millions died needlessly and how repurposed drugs could have (and SHOULD have) saved millions.

During Wednesday’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, host Betsy Ashton was joined by our Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Kristina Carman to address mindful eating, how to avoid stress, and new protocol updates for this holiday season.

“What I would love, is to try to encourage more awareness around eating and awareness around this energy that we actually need to be looking after nourishing ourselves,” said Dr. Carman, a naturopathic doctor. “Setting those boundaries in place. Like saying ‘no,’ is really challenging for a lot of us. Myself included. But it’s very, very important to maintain that balance moving forward especially through stressful periods, and then also beyond.”

Dr. Carman also advises that at mealtime, start with veggies, then eat your protein (which can include red meat), and finally some carbohydrates. And, she says, “Make sure all your meals have a bit of healthy fats in them!”

Some of the Tools and Guides she mentioned included 9 Incredible Benefits of Drinking Green Tea, and the Many Health Benefits of Coffee! Also, here are 10 Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes! 🍰🥧🍪😋

In this latest episode of ‘Long (COVID) Story Short’, our Dr. Been shares research demonstrating that inflammation of the peripheral nerves and ganglia may lead to chronic burning and tingling sensations in spike protein-injured individuals. Watch the discussion HERE.

Dan’s boss couldn’t believe how rapidly ivermectin solved his bronchial issue.

When his boss had a persistent cough, he reminded him to take ivermectin, and the results were almost instant. WATCH this short video reminding us about the power of this safe and effective drug.


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