FLCCC and The National Desk (TND) Kick Off Partnership

This morning, Dr. Paul Marik joined The National Desk (TND) to discuss the use of intermittent fasting to treat long COVID and “long vax”, as well as to treat other chronic diseases, including diabetes.

“With long COVID and ‘long vax’, the problem is that spike protein can remain in the cells for years afterwards, and the only way to get rid of intracellular spike protein is through intermittent fasting,” Dr. Marik noted. He continued, “Intermittent fasting activates a cellular process called autophagy, which helps the cell get rid of damaged and foreign protein.”

Dr. Marik also shared his journey using intermittent fasting – and diet and lifestyle changes – to treat his own Type 2 diabetes after living 25 years with the disease.

“You can adapt intermittent fasting to your lifestyle, to your daily routine… most people can do this.”

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