‘Dissolving Illusions’ 10th Anniversary Edition Challenges Vaccine Narratives

To learn more, be sure to pick up the 10th anniversary update of “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History,” available on dissolvingillusions.com and Amazon. Buying her book is also the best way to support her work, which is so crucial for our future. The world needs to understand the history behind vaccines to really see the big picture.

“When people read it, even if you just use it as a reference book, it gives you some kind of standpoint to start with when you’re talking to other people,” she says.

“In fact, it’s changed a lot of people’s minds who are pretty much dead set against the idea of no vaccines or limited vaccines. It’s like they start to see it in a different way, because the data are the data. It’s the world’s vital statistics.”

Not only are vaccines harming many people, but by focusing public health efforts on vaccination, so many safer and more effective strategies are overlooked as well. We cannot afford to continue the way we have been, and mandatory mass vaccination of our children is one of the failed strategies that needs to be overhauled if we are to turn our disease statistics around.

For your convenience, I’ve also embedded our previous interview above, where we dive further into some of the dishonest tactics used by the vaccine industry, and why the tetanus vaccine is unnecessary.

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