Death By Vaccine: The WHO and Big Pharma-Led Onslaught on Our Lives

Once whispered in hushed tones and brushed aside as mere tales for the tinfoil-hatted, the narrative of vaccine injuries has pirouetted into the spotlight of undeniable existence. It is uncommon to encounter individuals without at least one acquaintance who has experienced vaccine-related side effects.

But Big Pharma and the WHO are not stopping anytime soon. Instead, they’ve upped the ante. WHO is now devising a global pandemic treaty aimed at more plandemic control. Interwoven in the grand tapestry with World Economic Forum and authoritarian political leaders, the plan is to increase societal control in the name of safety and public health.

At the 77th World Health Assembly (May 27 to June 1), it is expected that President Biden might sign the new global pandemic agreement with WHO. GOP senators are now requesting President Biden not to support expanding WHO’s pandemic authority. Especially when the WHO-led fearmongering led to the biggest physical assault on the health of people worldwide!

In a recent announcement, AstraZeneca has acknowledged that its Covid vaccine is associated with severe side effects, a significant departure from the status quo of denying vaccine injuries. The company confirmed that the vaccine, branded Covishield, which has been distributed across 150 nations, can cause thrombosis (blood clots) and thrombocytopenia (low platelet count).

The confession comes after the vaccine maker was questioned in court over vaccine-damage cases where vaccine victims are seeking compensation with valuations potentially amounting to £100 million. The worst part of the confession is that AstraZeneca has no idea what causes these side effects: “It is admitted that the AZ vaccine can, in very rare cases, cause TTS. The causal mechanism is not known.” In the U.K., one must be 60 percent vaccine-injured to be considered for compensation. Even so, more than 11,000 people have claimed for Covid vaccine injury compensation.

As of March 2023, more than 5.55 billion people worldwide had received a Covid vaccine. That is equal to about 72.3 percent of the world population and the number is likely to be higher now as many countries continue to administer the Covid vaccine to new patients, including children as little as 6 months old. This should wake up the media and our lawmakers. But as expected, there is little to no action or concern displayed by media and politicians who are complicit with the vaccine makers and WHO.

Sarah Moore, one of the top international and product safety lawyers in the world, has represented many vaccine victims in court. She says,

It has taken AstraZeneca a year to formally admit that their vaccine has caused this harm, when this was a fact widely accepted by the clinical community since the end of 2021: In that context, regrettably it seems that AstraZeneca, the Government and their lawyers are more keen to play strategic games and run up legal feels [sic] than to engage seriously with the devastating impact that the vaccine has had upon our clients’ lives.

So far, thousands of Americans have submitted claims for vaccine-related injuries to the federal authorities, and the number is increasing. As of April 2024, over 13,000 vaccine-injury compensation claims have been filed with the federal government. Even a pro-vaccine media entity like The New York Times has dedicated several articles to capture the plight of the vaccine-injured Americans.

David Leonhardt, in his New York Times article, acknowledges that “some ailments almost certainly do stem from the vaccines.” He further notes that,

both the C.D.C. and researchers in Israel—which has better medical tracking than the U.S.—have concluded that the vaccines contributed to heart inflammation, especially in young men and boys. Officials in Hong Kong—another place with good health care data—have concluded that the vaccines caused severe shingles in about seven vaccine recipients per million.

Despite these ongoing litigations across the world, vaccine companies are still making a fortune out of selling Covid vaccines and other related products. Last week, Pfizer (PFE.N), one of the biggest benefactors of Covid-vaccine sales, elevated its projection for yearly earnings and disclosed first-quarter profits that surpassed the expectations set by Wall Street analysts. This financial performance was attributed to the sales of its Covid antiviral treatment, which exceeded forecasts. Pfizer expects $8 billion in combined sales this year from its Covid vaccine and oral antiviral.

WHO, too, is on a consolidation march. WHO is now making world leaders adopt its new pandemic treaty, which would allow WHO authorities unprecedented control on public safety policy in sovereign autonomous countries.

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