Covid Vaccines Cause Autism in Lab Rats, Study Finds

A friend of this blog, Ashmedai, highlighted a fascinating animal study, which found that giving pregnant rats the Pfizer COVID vaccine induced ‘autism-like’ traits in the male pups born after such vaccination.

The placebo-controlled study was published in Neurochemical Research. Source.

The researchers set out to evaluate the effects of COVID vaccination on rats during pregnancy to see the effect on the offspring:

This study aimed to investigate the gene expression of WNT, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels, specific cytokines, m-TOR expression, neuropathology, and autism-related neurobehavioral outcomes in a rat model. Pregnant rats received the COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine during gestation. Subsequent evaluations on male and female offspring included autism-like behaviors, neuronal counts, and motor performance.

To their dismay, scientists indeed found profound disturbances in the neurodevelopment of pups born to rat mothers vaccinated during gestation:

Compared to the control group of rats injected with harmless saline solution, pups born to COVID-vaccinated mothers displayed a decrease in neuronal counts, a marked reduction in social interaction, and abnormal, repetitive patterns of behavior. Study authors rightfully call that autism-like behaviors.

Researchers used well-accepted tests of rat development to evaluate their sociability and novelty tolerance.

It turns out that male pups affected by the Covid vaccine during gestation were abnormally afraid to socialize and actively avoided novel situations. The authors point out that such maladjustments are “autism-like.” They show the comparison with the control group:

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