Covid-Like Diseases as Connective Tissue Disorder, Not Virus: Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD

“I’m not a theory lady.  Who is it you think knows or cares about COVID?” – Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD, author The Lethal Dose: Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It

“Symptoms of Connective Tissue Disorders (CTD) can vary depending on the affected areas. The most serious symptoms are related to inflammation around the lungs. These symptoms involving the lungs may include: difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, breathlessness, fatigue, a cough with bloody phlegm, chest discomfort, respiratory failure (source here).  Also known as Interstitial Lung Disease ILD and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension PAH manifested by Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonia NSIP and Usual Interstitial Pneumonia UIP (source here).


Dr. Jennifer Daniels is a Harvard-educated (BA biology, MBA, MD) and a trained medical physician. Her practitioner’s license was removed at the instigation of the governor of New York after opposing use of eminent domain for an urban renewal project in Syracuse, where her clinic happened to be located.  The city wanted her one-block large property assemblage for urban renewal, at least as I understand it.  Daniels’ interpretation of the rationale for removing her medical license was she didn’t produce enough revenue for drug companies from her patient base.

Daniels is the author of The Lethal Dose: And Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It and views the entire medical-drug industrial complex as a cabal of layered secret societies who keep the laity uninformed and drugged.  She has emigrated to Panama where she continues to produce educational videos and new health products from her webpage at  Daniels is a proponent of health by boosting circulation of blood and lymph and elimination of waste and toxins with her popular “Vitality Capsules” supplement.

But unlike many of the acclaimed leaders of the No-Virus movement, and the duplicitous pro-drug/COVID bio-weapon Health Freedom movement, she prefers to side-step the entire ideological war going on in medicine over COVID and its vaccines.  She uses a 3-year-old child as her guide, for whom ideology is of no use, and who only “wants to go outside and play and wants dessert after dinner”.  Daniels message to adults regarding the entire bugaboo COVID issue, is to ignore it and go on with one’s life but without any vaccinations, masking, or social isolation wherever possible. Instead, she promotes eating ample cholesterol in one’s diet as it is vital for the Innate Immune System to deter disease.

Daniels asserts the benefits of the vax are unclear. Thus, “taking the COVID shot is an act of cultural submission and obedience. The shot signifies one’s willingness to submit to authority under the possibility of death, however remote. The experimental vax is like all modern medical treatments where no or little risk information on it is given, just ‘obey, obey, obey!’”

Daniels lacks the sociological attribute of arrogance of those in the Knowledge Class, as she was raised in the Working Class and has uncommon common sense that gets to the nub of things. She says that most health aids that one might need can be found at the local grocery store or in a home garden. I have taken her online “How to Stay Out of a Hospital” course.

She disdains probiotics (acidic bacteria), instead preferring pure turpentine to control candida overgrowth in the gut resulting from taking prescribed antibiotics. Her online Turpentine Protocol is a well-known guideline for its use.  She alone has restored the medicinal use of turpentine which she points out was commonly used in the Merck Manual of Medical Practice in 1899, before the takeover of medicine by antibiotics and drugs. Unlike many other alternative medical practitioners, however, she is a pragmatist who eschews ideology and instead just wants to find solutions that do no harm.

Daniels is a self-described non-religious person but says if her patients don’t want to educate themselves to make health decisions but rather just demand to know who to trust, she tells them to instead “trust in God”, not the medical-drug establishment.

Herpes/Shingles, a Connective Tissue Deficiency

In a February 22, 2021, online podcast, Daniels is interviewed by Patrick Timpone (deceased), on the One Radio Network titled “Does COVID-19 Exist or Not? Who or What do you Trust?  Your Gut or God?  Daniels says that Germ versus Terrain Theory is irrelevant to understanding such conditions as Herpes and Shingles, both attributed to viruses (as well as Chicken Pox, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Measles). She says the famed microbiologist Judy Mikovits claims to have isolated virus, but others point out it was never actually isolated nor tested to transmit disease to healthy people.

To which Daniels says, “who cares?”, “says who?”, and “why should I trust you?”  Daniels method is to employ a skeptical approach to both conventional and alternative medicine because there never is full disclosure by the profession or drug companies of the trade-off in risks and benefits involved. Instead, we have to understand medicine is a sociological game of “trust me” (see Tracy Northern’s recent book “Trust Me I’m Not a Doctor: An Uncontrolled Study of Modern Medicine, 2023).

Daniels points out that if you bought a house, but it was also sold to 99 other people, and you couldn’t occupy or use it,  why would you consummate such a transaction?  She says this is analogous to risk/benefit ratio of what modern medicine asks us to do repeatedly.  Would you take a drug that is, say, 99% ineffective?  Would you take a prescribed drug knowing that it will be prescribed at its “lethal dosage”?

This is what happened with HIV-AIDS according to Daniels.  Those who took the drug AZT died. Those who did not initially die, but their detoxification was overloaded and regenerative mechanisms were wrecked by recreational drugs like Amal Nitrate, eventually died of just being told they were terminal Daniels says.  And COVID is no different says Daniels who reports the survival rate from symptoms attributed to COVID is 98%.

Daniels makes the case that such conditions as Herpes and Shingles are a deficiency of enough skin membrane especially during growth spurts (measles during adolescence) or when there isn’t enough dermal membrane to help the liver and kidney to eliminate toxins by the process of vicarious elimination. Overly leaky skin from dehydration can result in a Filaggrin Protein Deficiency triggering allergic immune response rather than the so-called autoimmune response of conventional medicine (antidote is histidine or quercetin). She says people typically get Chicken Pox at age 3, Herpes at age 19, and Shingles at age 65, all for the same reason of lack of enough permeable connective tissue.  At age 65 the elderly lose collagen, and the skin starts to wrinkle. This is why Daniels recommends eating connective tissue like pigs-feet, ham hocks and ligaments.  This is not merely an issue of the skin needing lubrication by animal or plant oils or short-circuiting of meridians in the skin of alternative medicine.  Her recommended course of action for her former patients to eat connective tissue meats for herpes and shingles was reportedly totally effective.  Of course, such an understanding would cut out the money food chain to both conventional and alternative medicine alike (also see Henry Beiler, MD, Food is Your Best Medicine, 1955).

Applying Daniels’ Connective Tissue Approach to COVID as Sepsis

What follows is the author’s, not Dr. Daniels’, interpretation of her connective tissue approach applied to the bugaboo COVID manifested as Sepsis.  According to French medical practitioners, COVID cannot be distinguished from Sepsis. Those who perished purportedly from or with COVID were not primarily because of a virus but due to Sepsis, an assumed infection of bacteria in the blood acquired in the hospital from needles, ventilators, or airway intubation.   However, the No Virus camp is likely to say Sepsis bacterial infection of blood is impossible because all bacteria are beneficial.  Again, we’re left with the sociological dilemma of who to trust. However, an intriguing lead inspired by Daniels is research indicating HIV/AIDS masquerades as a virus disease that hides a connective tissue disorder and hydroxychloroquine is a treatment for connective tissue failure.

To Daniels, a Sepsis diagnosis is a pretense of certainty in an uncertain world and in a sociological context of deadly institutionalized ritualistic hospital procedures.  Daniels gives us a diagnostic clue of connective tissue failure as “connected” with Sepsis. Daniels’ approach is to do a computer search for “sepsis” and “differential diagnosis”, which indicates that medical institutions don’t know what it is but pretend not to pretend about their certainty of diagnosis as bacterial blood poisoning.

Several medical conditions mimic Sepsis (a strong reaction to excess dead cells in blood attracting bacteria, fungus and parasites, myocardial infarction, acute transfusion reaction, alcohol withdrawal, acute pulmonary embolism, anaphylaxis, diabetic ketoacidosis, bowel obstruction, and medication or antibiotic side effect, dehydration of the skin- see herehere, and here).  Japan has a Sepsis death rate of 18% compared to USA hovering around 50%+, varying greatly by hospital.  This is perhaps because Japan uses kidney dialysis which filters bacteria and endotoxins and the USA relies on antibiotics which are becoming obsolete due to body rejection.  As the kidney is the typically the first organ to fail when undergoing Septic shock, dialysis may be indicated along with curtailing or eliminating the standardized lethal dosages of drugs. Sepsis treatment without dialysis is a hit or miss attempt at solution whose survival rate and poor prognoses afterward suggests statistical chance.

There are many citations in the medical research literature about connective tissue fighting “bacterial infection”, as a potential marker for Sepsis, of collagen deterioration as associated with a higher mortality rate, connective tissue as limiting autoimmune reactions, and protecting cells that spill their DNA as they die, inferring that Sepsis plausibly relates to connective tissue failure. The functions of connective tissue system are to serve as the scaffold for the cross-talking organs and other tissues, to regulate water and salt balance, to aid in the clearing of non-nutrients from the body (metabolites such as lactate, oxalates, urates), and to act as a depository for food storage.  Connective tissue also partners with other cells to promote macrophages that fight infections or virulence. It should be noted that human blood is a sort of connective tissue.

Alternative medicine treatments for Sepsis also would likely not escape the skepticism of Daniels’ approach either. The famous Vitamin C Protocol for Sepsis (1,500 mg every 6 hours or total 6,000 mg daily, hydrocortisone, and intravenous Vitamin B-1 thiamine, enteral nutrition) initially showed positive results but was shot down by medical community replication studies.  It is noteworthy that hydrocortisone can’t be used on broken skin because of increased risk of thinning of the skin and stretch marks from skin contraction. And high intravenous doses of Vitamin C can result in acute kidney injury after the depositing of calcium-oxalate stones made in the liver made from Vitamin C and aspergillus fungus. Kidney failure has been triggered in those who take 2,000 mg Vitamin C or more per day.  Vitamin C over 4,000 mg/day can also over acidify the body, maybe even more so by Intravenous administration that does not go through the stomach which serves as a balancer.  And kidney failure is the typical first organ to fail in Sepsis.

Russian homeopathic doctor Kate Sugak’s online documentary “The Truth About Smallpox” corroborates that many diseases attributed to viruses are due to detoxification of waste products dumped into the interstitial fluid between cells and perfusing through the skin as rashes corroborates Daniels’ connective tissue approach.

COVID Not Pandemic but Common Source Outbreak – Connective Tissue Flareups

Dr. Daniels also makes a distinction between an Epidemic/Pandemic and a “Common Source Outbreak” from a common poison, toxin, or other agents at one location and at one time (e.g., food, water poisoning).  She says COVID was not a contagious disease because it would have caused symptoms in spurts as there would be lag times between infected groups. Conversely, a Common Source Outbreak can be person-to-person, animal to person, or from the environment and its main vectors are food and water.

Connective Tissue flareups can be triggered by cold exposure, emotional stress, pregnancy, switching or stopping medications. And spotty adverse vaccination reactions may be from connective tissue deficiency from high sugar diet, lack of stretching exercise, collagen and gelatin deficiency, a lack of vitamin and minerals that support connective tissue (especially Vitamin D), and anaphylaxis reaction of the skin upon infusions and inoculations (Biopsy-Proven Lymphocytic Myocarditis with Heart Failure in a Middle Aged Patient with Connective Tissue Disease, Science Direct, August 2019).   The infamous TV adverse events related to athletes may be from abnormal connective tissue reactions from taking anabolic steroids to boost athletic performance together with vaccinations (see Myocarditis in Connective Tissue Disease: An Often Overlooked Clinical Manifestation, Rheumatology International, Aug. 2023).

I offer here for consideration Dr. Jennifer Daniels’ Connective Tissue Deficiency Approach to the bugaboo COVID-19 as a more coherent explanation with more promising medicinal evidence than the Virus or No Virus paradigms and their respective Germ versus Terrain Theories.  For more on this see pending Part 2 – COVID Medical Paradigms as Temples of Sacrifice – Virus Disease Ideologies.

Dedicated to Bill Sardi independent health journalist.

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