Covid Is Not a Mass Psychosis – It Is a Political Graft Machine and Posadist Ideology

Bio-Posadism is an authoritarian left ideology that socialism can only be achieved after society’s downfall by a pandemic –  by J. Posadas who founded the International Posadist organization in 1962

How do we know viruses exist?  Well one way is that egg manufacturers get a huge payment from the FDA when they declare that their flock of chickens has broken out with an epidemic of fictional Avian Flu virus. This usually occurs when the egg ranchers have supposedly become aware they’ve grown too many pullets (baby chicks), and they will suffer a loss.  No mention that there is an economic incentive to raise too many pullets and just claim an outbreak and pocket the cash than risk going to the market.  The FDA doesn’t pay for actual hens lost to the pseudo disease but to those who survived but conceivably caught or could catch the disease. This might also explain why there doesn’t need to be any real contagion either, as it is just presumed.

Something similar goes on in hospitals, virology laboratories, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary schools and clinics, public health agencies, universities, and legislatures where representatives receive legal bribes for pushing legislation that invents fictional viruses to subsidize and buy off special interest groups.

These groups have no idea there is no actual virus, as it becomes something taken for granted as documented by the only truly independent researchers in the book Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits at Our Expense, 2007.  But the social engineering of a fictional Avian Flu epidemic is not merely “at our expense” as the book’s authors assert, but to the disproportionate benefit of a newly created Knowledge Class at the expense of the plundered Working Class.

What most of those who assert there is no virus get wrong, is that the virus belief system is not a “mania” or a “psychosis” or a “mass formation psychosis” as made popular by psychologists. Virus theory is not a science, but an ideology given that the sociological definition of an ideology is a cover for economic interests. The ideology surrounding the COVID Pandemic is Posadism.  In “fact”, modern virology almost never does control group experimental studies because their science is achieved by their authority, not any scientific rigor or experiments. Fictional viruses have become a giant self-fulfilling prophecy or social fact.

In the early 1900’s sociologist Emile Durkheim described how a “social fact” in a modern society is constructed by creating something:

that is taken for granted as existing outside the individual,
which has coercive (government) power over the individual that is re-enforced in their groups, and
is legitimatized by the scientific method.

Viruses have never been proven but they have the certitude and authority of coercive government institutions behind them.  Put differently, a dialogue, no matter how polite, on whether there are viruses, is a club held under the table.   A claim of authority projects a point where coercion will replace communication or scientific experimentation – “believe and shut up or you will be fired and censored”.

German sociologist Werner Sombart made this point in 1913 when he described that oligarchical Capitalism was a quasi-religious invention. Sombart attributed the historical rise of Capitalism as an off shoot of ancient mid-eastern gnostic mystical religion (gnostic meaning having secret knowledge).  This quasi-religious model was spread further by self-taught physicist Albert Einstein who re-defined science as “imagination”:

 “All science is nothing more than refinement of everyday thinking. Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited. Imagination circles the world” (source: World Economic Forum).

Imagination as a basis of science is reflected in Einstein’s notion of the atom-electron-neutron particles which, like a virus, has never been seen and is fictional as pointed out by Dewey Larson.

The political economy of fictional viruses is not the only social fictional economy created by social engineers.

The FIRE Economy (finance, insurance, and real estate) is based on usury and fraud.  For example, mortgage loans are not made by lending out the depositors’ money from banks.  Rather, fictional money is created out of thin air on a mortgage loan contract.  But if the borrower should default for non-payment, the lender can foreclose and takeover ownership of the hard asset of the property for which it never lent any actual money on. I call this a pea shell game without there being a pea under the shell at all.  A mortgage is thus a social fiction, but one that has been so institutionalized in custom and law that an entire parasitic set of industries depend on it for their livelihoods – primary lenders, secondary mortgage market lenders, hedge funds, REIT’s, loan brokers, real estate brokers, appraisers, insurers, lawyers, courts of equity, and contractors who can file mechanics liens against the property.  This is why the Catholic Church for centuries has asserted capitalism is state sponsored usury (E. Michael Jones, Barren Metal: The History of Capitalism as the Conflict Between Labor and Usury, 2014).

Economist Jens Beckert has demonstrated how social fictions drive such modern political economies in his book Imagined Futures: Fictional Expectations and Capitalist Dynamics (2016).

If there is a microbial epidemic crisis it is that antibiotics no longer are effective in treating bacterial infections, threatening the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry that also props up the entire medical system.  So, the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex is not only threatened by a shrinking dollar and economic pie of capital, but by the technological obsolescence of antibiotics.  The same holds for high tech media that effectually produces only entertainment.

There is a crisis that the world is undergoing, but not from a fictional virus.  There is a threat to the “Capital Order” of Capitalism that no longer can sustain fictional economies propped up by the monopolistic and extortionist US fiat dollar.  In particular, the high-tech computer-internet and high-tech medicine-pharmaceutical sub-economies are threatened because they produce nothing essential and will have less investor capital available to operate when stagflation occurs. This has resulted in high tech oligarchs pushing for newer fictional techno-economies such as Green Power, GMO foods, Artificial Intelligence and Global Warming industries.  So, high tech corporations have taken over government to protect their tenuous monopolies by wiping out  small business, the independent contractor tier of labor, and the laissez faire economy.

From 2020 to 2021 high tech corporations funded some $50 billion to BLM and Antifa to destroy small business districts in large cities.  Same as happened during the Great Depression of the 1930’s when small farms were wiped out and bought up by oligarchs under the pretense of The Great Depression and the socially engineered Dust Bowl. These are the wages to be paid for the sins of a Post-Industrial economy.  When government is taken over by oligarchical corporations it is called “fascism”.  For a discussion of this see my book review of Clara Mattei’s book The Capital Order: How Economists Invented Austerity and Paved the Way to Fascism.

Fictional viruses are so institutionally vested that it is effectually impossible to disestablish them.  This does not mean there are no virus-like microbes, but their “virulence” is bacterial not viral, as technically there are no viruses. Corporations want to keep the focus of the public on a fictional microbe not on their force and fraudulence.  One way they do this is by calling the COVID Pandemic a “mass formation psychosis”. The way George Orwell described this in his novel 1984, was that propaganda had implanted in the minds of the “proles” the slogan “ignorance is (economic) strength”.

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