Covid Hospital Temples of Sacrifice – Twenty Sociological Realities


The Great Aztec Pyramid at Cholula, Mexico…was not designed for aesthetic purposes as art….but as a means of sacrifice to the gods (by lining up mega thousands of mainly peasant people for sacrifice) in a unity of theory and practice…theories are generally the products of professional theorists – that is the kind of people we call intellectuals today. And today? In Mexico, at any rate, the sacrifices are less bloody and less visible, but it is (always) the intellectuals who produce the theories of power…There is now a university next to the pyramid (and the Hospital Universitario de Puebla) which is a high temple of the new cult of modernity and (technocratic) progress.  The sacrifices today are for “the costs of (over) development” and the “price of revolution”.  It is the intellectuals that will supply most of the victims”.  – sociologist Peter L. Berger, Pyramids of Sacrifice, 1974.



1.         The world today is divided into ideological camps of Germ Theory by the Medical Industrial Complex and the Health Freedom Movement, and the Terrain Theory embraced by the COVID Resistance Movement. The adherents of each tell us with great assurance where we’re at with COVID and what we should do about it.  We should not believe the Germ Theorists as their scientific methodologies aren’t science and the historical toll they have exacted in vaccine and cancer deaths, glossed over by ideological propaganda and advertising, is malevolent. We should listen to the Terrain Theorists debunking of Germ Theory, albeit logically flawed, but not their treatment protocols that nonetheless are targeted at treating germs and symptoms, just like the Germ Theorists.  Neither should we fall for the bio-weapons lab leak propaganda of the Health Freedom Movement which is used as a counter conspiracy theory to protect corporate and government ideological investments. Below I offer four principles of how sociologist Peter Berger might deal with the COVID crisis policy using Cognitive Participation, a Calculus of Meaning, a Postulate of Ignorance, and a Calculus of Pain.

Both theories use medicines and remedies that work no better than doing nothing given that COVID is a self-curative endemic that clears itself in 3 to 5 days without treatment for 98% of cases.  Moreover, the Terrain Theory is out of touch with the realities of COVID, even if there is no germ, as will be elaborated upon below.

2.        The capability to diagnose any disease consistently and reliably is dubious and has been replaced by institutionalized COVID ideology that serves as cover for entrenched economic interests sustained by powerful cultural myths.

3.        The Germ Theory myth which underlies the Medical-Industrial Complex must be debunked and the toll it has taken in terms of human lives must be accounted for.

4.        When “Rockefeller’s allopathic medicine” model supplanted homeopathy’s network of hospitals in the early 1900’s, including acute care hospitals, and the cottage industry of independent physicians, Germ Theory found an institutional home. Homeopathic cancer survival rates of 10% to 50% were replaced with overkill “debulking” surgeries and chemotherapy with a 1% to 5% survival rate.  Moreover, cancer incidence rates rose from 5% in the early 1900’s to 30% to 50% for women today, despite that many neoplasms are benign.  But the large toll on human life from medicine was then never perceived as malevolent by the public due to the elites’ control over mainstream media propaganda and advertising (witness the “Dr. Kildare” TV series 1960-1966 and the false notion that vaccines cured polio).  Reportedly, 50 million people died worldwide of the misnamed 1918 Spanish Flu, and most were inoculated, while those who went to sanitoriums all survived (Suzanne Humphries, Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, 2015).  Moreover, as can be more plainly seen now, the hidden sociological function of medical policy has always been social control and depopulation (HIV/AIDS, COVID – see Social Control: An Introduction by James J. Chriss, 2022, especially Medical Control chapter 4).

Concurrently, in his 1980 book “The Role of Medicine: Dream, Mirage, and Nemesis, epidemiologist Thomas McKeown, concluded that the life-saving advancements in medicine and even public hygiene had only slight influence in improving lifespans and that diet and nutrition resulting from better economic conditions, had the most influence. The critics were oddly right that what masqueraded as a free market in medical care (such as can ironically be found now in Mexico) was not only an illusion but a “Nemesis” (Ivan Illich “Medical Nemesis”, 1976).

But the Germ Theory is thick in its mythic power to control the minds of people, albeit thin in practice. The Germ Theory camp is triumphant that their vaccines have vanquished the Pandemic, but its claims are hollow as it has had no more effectiveness than doing nothing despite its self-serving claims otherwise.

5.        The counter theory to Germ Theory, called Terrain Theory, is a major achievement in debunking Germ Theory, but is nonetheless also flawed, and regrettably must also be debunked, no matter its proponents’ accomplishments and how risky and laudable their effort.

Terrain Theory is based on the cliche that the “fish tank needs to be cleaned before the fish can recover from sickness”.  This theory has unmasked the Germ Theory Ideology as never isolating viruses, never proving bacteria are pathogenic nor proving that any proxy mucus, phlegm, or saliva transfected from the sick made the healthy also sick (called Koch’s Postulates).  Unbelievably, Germ Theory also never uses control/comparison studies.  The Terrain Theorists proponents are comprised of medical practitioners who have had their licenses removed for not using the standard of care of drug treatment for cancer and for opposing vaccinations. Their main crime has been to refuse to provide a steady stream of sacrificial victims to the medical gods of the day.

The Terrain Theorists are self-financed. Their mainline statements are Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics Making Billions of Dollar Profits, 2021, which exposes that no injection has ever worked and there is no virus, The Achilles Heel of the Biomedical Paradigm by electrical engineer James McCumiskey, 2021; Mark and Sam Bailey MD’s, The Final Pandemic, 2024.  Some citizen scientists have joined their ranks (see Val Zimmer, Vaccines, Viruses and Bacteria: Not What You’ve Been Told, 2023 and Tracey Northern, Trust Me I’m Not a Doctor: An Uncontrolled Study of Modern Medicine, 2023.).

Italian independent bio-chemist Stefano Scoglio, PhD, is aligned with this camp but presumably relies on a more nuanced non-ideological position in the book Virus Mania that: 1)”there are no indicative specific distinguishing symptoms of COVID-19, 2) that it is not clinically possible to distinguish between pathogens, 3) that no one has evidence that SARS-COV-2 is exceptionally deadly, and 4) non-viral factors such as poisons and various drugs may be the cause of serious respiratory diseases such as pneumonia”.

But the Terrain Theorists’ call to isolate the Corona Virus is bio-chemically inconsistent because nothing in the human body exists in isolation, a very Terrain Theory fact (Patrick Jordan, Substack).  Or as acute care physician also Paul Marik puts it: “no organ ever fails in isolation”.   Moreover, using the proxy test of mucus and saliva to test for virus, as done in the famous study by Milton Rosenau, MD, of the 1918 Spanish Flu, also never met the test of isolation (see my Why is the Sauce for the No Virus Goose not the Sauce for the Virus Gander?). The bugaboo virus, by definition, is purported to be a parasite that ostensibly takes over cells and can only co-exist with its host.  Thus, if it exists, it is non-isolatable. Nonetheless, the No Virus/Terrain Theory camp continues to demand impossible isolation studies from the Germ Theory proponents rather than just say conventional bioscience is bunk.

The Terrain Theorists/No Virus camp are not to be confused with the duplicitous Medical Freedom Movement which claims to oppose vaccinations but whose wealthy spokespersons advocate vaccinations and that COVID is a bioweapon from a lab in China.  According to Robert E. Gutsche, author of the book Media Control: News as an Institution of Power and Control, the conspiracy theory mantra (such as lab bioweapons) is used to protect “ideological investments” of the powerful. The highly visible sudden deaths and collapses on TV and the Internet make it more difficult to push vaccines.

The Medical Freedom Movement uses “The Highwire” website as its online platform but is legitimated by:

·      A former microbiologist who originally researched delivering RNA by vaccine into human cells and is trying to protect his valuable patents on such biotechnology,

·      A mega millionaire bio-engineer entrepreneur desiring to develop drugs that mitigate vaccine damages,

·      A wealthy politician who finances lawsuits for those damaged by injections and the Fauci Protocol.

They are super wealthy and self-financed.  The is funded by the Vaccine Consent Action Network and liberal foundations.

6.        Both Germ Theory and Terrain Theory are trying to win an ideological war and are not focused on finding medical solutions for the elderly, obese and diabetic being lined up to walk the plank for vaccinations or sepsis hospitalization.  Both require debunking and accounting for their ineffective treatment protocols.

7.        Those embracing Germ Theory are willing to sacrifice at least one generation and facilitate premature deaths of the vulnerable elderly, diabetic or obese given it is said to be the only way to balance the federal deficit without cutting into and eliminating some of the Deep State that is carrying out COVID policy.  Conversely, the Terrain Theorists dissuade many from taking the vax (down from roughly 75% to 15%) but lose the battle with those suffering from the mysterious symptoms of the bugaboo Long COVID and those with vax adverse events by offering protocols seemingly targeted at germs.

8.        Into this hotbed of ideological conflict, and a treatment effectiveness vacuum, I have brought to the public’s attention the medical pragmatism of Jennifer Daniels, MD and her Tissue Connection Deficiency approach, which is more consistent with dealing with the body’s terrains and connective tissues. The Tissue Connective Deficiency approach reports on another type of pneumonia than Viral or Bacterial Pneumonia, called Interstitial Pneumonia (interstitial: fluid between organs), never brought to our attention. Interstitial Pneumonia is said to be idiopathic (meaning unknown cause) and endemic (inner caused).  Daniels approach is organic (deals with organs). Her approach is thick in practice but thin or non-existent in theory, as opposed to Germ Theory which is thick in theory but murderous in practice.  However, the No-Virus/Terrain Theory Paradigm is not about to displace the Virus Paradigm, as it has no mythic power like Germ Theory, which is believable because we have implanted in our minds the symbolism of “bad guys” portrayed in movies and TV.

9.        Conversely, the Terrain Theorists are mostly focused on dethroning Germ Theory but have no apparent understanding that COVID patients die of Sepsis nor what to do about it.  The medical establishment has a virtual monopoly on Acute Care for sepsis, given treatment for Sepsis requires hospitalization.  The COVID treatment protocols recommended by the Germ Theorists aren’t doing the trick because neither they, nor the Terrain Theorists, are focusing on the specter of Sepsis. The Terrain Theorists have offered nothing but conventional treatments designed to kill germs or deal only with symptoms  (nebulizers, dangerous megadose IV vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and the pharma anti-parasite drug Ivermectin that is not a folk medicine nor deals with organ failure from Sepsis (see my Ivermectin is a Catch-22 Paradox)

10.  To sociologist Peter Berger, we must seek health solutions that accept neither manufactured fear and the terrorism of fictional bioweapons of the Germ Theorists, or the self-contradictory Terrain Theory that insists on isolation of germ when the bio-terrain reality is that nothing occurs in the body in isolation. Neither theory offers effective treatment for the specter of Sepsis.

11.  To Berger, health policies are typically made by cliques of politicians and intellectuals with claims toward superior insight that are typically dubious. Some of the public know modern medicine is malevolent, but like those under the former system of Bolshevik Communism they must find a way to make a living.

12.   Terrain Theorists are out of touch with COVID realities:

·      The reality of the typical Working-Class patient profile that doesn’t want to be informed, nor given choices and merely wants to know whom to trust.

·      The reality that nearly all COVID patients who die do so from Sepsis which is falsely believed to be a bacterial blood infection where typically the kidney fails.  Sepsis is effectively an endemic inflammation of the connective and epithelial tissues that form the scaffolding for the organs.

·      The reality of susceptibility from co-morbidities such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, all treated with lethal dosing of drugs.

·      The reality of a hospital standard of care where money incentivizes death by prescribing the lethal dose of drugs.

·      The reality of an uninformed designated medical decision maker who just wants everything possible to be done for the patient (“do something”) so they don’t feel guilty even despite specific patient instructions otherwise, and who may have expectations of inheritance they don’t want a doctor to interfere with.

·      The reality that the body is a cleansing and regenerative system whose recovery is impaired by more drugs and medical interventions, that often can recover on its own using bacteria and fungi to remove dying tissue.

13.  Moreover, it is impossible to become “woke” and raise the consciousness of anyone, let alone heavily brainwashed technocrats and professionals, because we are all stumbling around on the same dim level of uncertainty about medical conditions and diagnoses, only covered up by medical ideologies of certainty.  For example, cancer treatment is still in the Medieval (mid-evil) Ages of cutting and poisoning.

Conservatives also continually ask when the sheep are going to wake up.  But they aren’t because they just want to “go out and play and have dessert for dinner”, to put it in Dr. Jennifer Daniels’ terms. They aren’t concerned about COVID, or often even injections, they just want to know whom they should trust.  If you told them to be concerned about invisible, non-existent germs they are lost but understand that there are bad guys in the world from watching TV and movies. If you tell them there are no bad guys (or no germs), but the air, water or food is polluted, they may shrug their shoulders like the proverbial Atlas Shrugged.  What can they do about it, and it doesn’t interfere with their play area.  Ergo, every human being knows and is concerned only about their own world better than any outsider including any expert.

14.  Beyond COVID patient realities, the Terrain Movement requires a sociological understanding of how ideology works and how institutions are covers for lying. Peter Berger again describes how ideology works:

“The moral effort to lie deliberately is beyond most people. It is much easier to deceive oneself. It is, therefore, important to keep the concept of ideology distinct from lying, deception, propaganda, or legerdemain. The liar, by definition, knows he is lying. The ideologist does not” (Invitation to Sociology).

The proponents of Germ Theory are all subject to the occupational ideologies of institutions while by and large the Terrain Theorists are not.  Lying has a social location: institutions. Calling out Germ Theorists as liars is futile personally and legally.  The purpose of institutions is to do “dirty work” and “brainwash” their subjects but develop occupational ideologies around such work that convinces its purpose is benevolent (Ivan Illich).  See the “Dog Lover Who Caught Covid” below.

15.  Ideally, subjects of disease policies should have the opportunity to frame the definitions of their medical situation at hand, called Cognitive Participation. But the working class, and obese and diabetic patients typically don’t want that, preferring to rely on those they trust.  If you’re in an Intensive Care Unit and the doctor (not your family doctor) says you are “terminal” but offers the possibility of an experimental drug and ventilator, you or your designated decision maker are in a duress position and are pressured to accept the on-call physician’s thinly veiled coercive “recommendations”. Such recommendations are influenced by drug company money incentives and government premiums for COVID deaths, the lethal standard of care to avoid lawsuits, and a hospital financial managers’ dictates as to what provides maximum revenue.

16.   Thus, most crucial medical decisions must be made based on inadequate knowledge under duress often without those who one trusts who are excluded from the conversation or self-interested by inheritance expectations. The only guide is for the patient (if not sedated) is to remember that doing nothing and letting the body eliminate toxins and regenerate itself may be offer a better chance than medical overkill, except for dialysis for Sepsis. One thus must assume a Postulate of Ignorance.  We often don’t know what intervention to do beyond doing nothing.  As acute care doctor Paul Marik, MD, states in his twenty-one “Evidence Based Commonsense Critical Care Rules”, “when you don’t know what to do, do nothing” (ergo, doing something potentially harmful is not better than doing nothing”). This doesn’t mean to do nothing ever, as a physician should be consulted as to assess baseline functioning of hydration level, pH acid balance, aspiration, iodine and vitamin D levels and the tricky factors of blood sugar and blood pressure, for possible recovery.

17.  Humans have the right to live in a meaningful world and not be cut off from meaningful plausibility structures and social networks by targeted lockdowns that left bars and superstores open. That Christian church leaders fell for the COVID pandemic hoax without expressing prophetic judgment based on history, took the emergency monies, and closed their doors, thus signaling they are in a state of metaphorical Babylonian cultural captivity to comfort and idolatry. A few churches that refused to close their doors were fined by local authorities. To date the only visible repentance has been by secular officials not religious leaders. An assessment of the human costs of the Pandemic must include a Calculus of Meaning.

18.  The most pressing human costs are in terms of physical deprivation and suffering and the most urgent moral imperative is a Calculus of Pain. A patient should not have to accept pain. But this presumes pain relieving drugs that, especially in Europe, were used to kill thousands of so-called COVID patients who were given Hydroxyquinoline rather than Hydroxychloroquine. What anguish knowing the true price of pain relief, to say nothing about such a “devil’s bargain”.

19.  In dealing with COVID there is hope but that means policy needs to pursue pragmatic actions rather than settle for ideological ones or palliative treatments. The question “what works?” is where to start.  Jennifer Daniels’ non-ideological approach of Connective Tissue Deficiency, which and where it has not been infused with ideology, perhaps offers a pathway.

20.  Ideological warfare is only good for discouraging the public from taking vaccines, which are often mandated by corporations and bureaucracies over which the individual has no control and no options but to opt out of their livelihood. But ideology offers nothing for treating those susceptible to Sepsis and kidney failure or the casualties of injections. We must also embrace pragmatic solutions that work.  If nothing works, do nothing that is medical overkill, and go home.

Of course, one should always consult a physician for baseline functioning such as hydration, pH alkaline/acid balance, iodine and vitamin D levels, and tricky blood sugar and blood pressure levels for possible recovery. For example, hydration alone is critical for respiratory issues to thin mucus and blood clots, to maintain fluid balance, flush toxins.

Though a Marcionite Christian, I’m not religious or spiritual (and Christianity has an anti-religious aspect of opposing the temple money changers, legalism, circumcision, bodily mutilation and child sacrifice, saying no to psychological projection onto and by others, refusal of others to reciprocate by the golden rule, failure to damn the “principalities and powers” for plagues caused by mass impoverishment and economic slavery, to reject the unrealistic, apparently forged Beatitudes under which no one could live very long, all embraced by many American biblical Christians today). But if we read the stories of Christ’s healings, he allegedly and merely said to touch his garment to indicate one’s belief in being cured, stop following false prophets and giving your money to health guru priests, and go home. What did he know?


The Dog Lover Who Caught COVID
“It is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners” – Albert Camus

Institutions operate like the dog catcher and the Humane Society.  The non-profit Humane Society is the seemingly benevolent front of these institutions while backstage the malevolent government-run animal control operations kill hundreds of dogs weekly by freezing them as population control.  But if a dog-loving old, widowed woman should be found with, say, 50 dogs on her property that are not vaccinated nor tagged, she is criminalized and incarcerated for animal cruelty while absurdly the dogs are likely to eventually end up euthanized.  The TV media will show up to virtue signal and publicly stigmatize and humiliate the dog lover, like under Bolshevik Communist rule. Once in jail, the dog lover will be forced to get a COVID shot.  And the dog lover may end up in an insane asylum and their property confiscated.  Her apparent crime was not providing dogs to line up for slaughter or for veterinarians to profit by. This story is playing out in real time in Phoenix, Arizona.

But no artist will write a novel about the dog lover, preferring instead the forerunner Psy-Op fictional novel of Critical Race Theory about what to do with a rabid dog, To Kill a Mockingbird, proving George Orwell’s dictum All Art is Propaganda.

In Aztec belief, dogs were considered sacred creatures that protected their homes from evil spirits.

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