Covid Germ and Detox Theories ‘Isolated’ from Realities of Deadly Hospital-Created Pathologies

“Antibiotics are the biggest fraud in the history of medicine” – Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD

According to Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD, Belgium, COVID-19 cannot be distinguished from Sepsis.


The Germ Theorists tell us with great certainty there are dangerous external pathogenic unique strains of viruses released from a lab in China that hijack human cells, replicate, and spread through an airborne route that is the cause of the worldwide Pandemic declared in 2020. Germ theorists also assert bacteria are a pathogen when it is found at the site of an infection and must be killed by an antibiotic.  Treatment for the preconceived but widely accepted COVID, is to throw the proverbial kitchen sink of antibiotics, anti-clotting agents, and drug infusions at it, while putting patients on potentially blood compromising vein pricks from saline solutions, breathing tubes, ventilators, and catheters, so that hospitals cannot be sued for failing to do enough (see Claus Kohnlein, MD, Virus Mania, 2021).  But is the treatment worse than the cause or the cause itself?

Conversely, the alternative medicine No Germ (No Virus) adversaries say that a virus has never been truly isolated outside the human body and that bacteria, fungi, parasites, and exosomes always show up to remove dead cells, wastes or toxins and are not pathogens as conventional medicine claims.  Critics point out that Germ Theory has never passed the gold standard test of exposing healthy people to presumptively virus-laden mucus whereby it made them sick.

However, the No Virus camp also advocate for the superfluous detox of waste and toxin buildup. The body normally self-detoxes waste and toxins in 3 to 10 days for 98% for sick people by fasting, hydrating, providing electrolytes, letting fever run its course, and bed rest (called the seasonal flu).  Detox such as laxatives or enemas, for example, might excessively dehydrate patients of chloride and potassium leading to dangerous alkalosis (not acidosis). Ivermectin’s side effect of vomiting might also result in dangerous dehydration. Conversely, for the 2% of acutely, immune compromised sick people in ICU, antibiotics and detox may be overkill treatment for harmless bacteria and blood poisoning Sepsis that occurs only in hospitals.  Potentially deadly Sepsis has only about a 50% chance of curing blood poisoning depending on the variable quality of acute care of a local hospital. Put differently, hospital acute care may be no better than chance.

Both the Germ Theory of conventional medicine and Alternative Medicine Detox approaches are out of touch with the reality of hospital created (aka nosocomial) diseases of Sepsis and Bacterial Resistance.  The only microbe that seems to meet the definition of a “virus” is when antibiotics naturally create a capsid protective shell around beneficial bacteria, and it morphs into a resistant superbug in a hospital.  Such resistant bacterial strains cannot be detoxed or neutralized by laxatives, enemas, or Ivermectin in a hospital setting. Isolating such mutant microbes in a lab is irrelevant as it occurs openly and notoriously primarily in a hospital setting.  And testing if a microbe is a contagious agent in a lab is absurd when it is the hospital that potentially spreads antibiotic resistance every time it administers an antibiotic or inserts an IV into a vein that can create blood poisoning called Sepsis.  Moreover, it is reported that drug-resistant Staph infections acquired in hospital environments can spread to families through airborne spores that bacteria make to defend themselves.

Antibiotic resistance can create super resistant strains of bacteria called “flesh-eating bacteria” and MERSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). Resistance especially attacks severely sick patients who are “immune compromised” by low stomach acid and low Vitamin D, lowered immunity from prior chemotherapy, prescription drugs, alcohol and street drugs, and the possible compound effect of accelerators added to multiple vaccines (such as aluminum).  Sepsis is blood poisoning that results from good bacteria on the skin and in the gut by turning into an out-of-control pathogen. So much for the notion of No Virus Theorists that all bacteria are always beneficial.

In a January 15, 2013, online video Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD, explains how antibiotic resistance turns good bacteria into a bad actor.  She is the author of the book The Lethal Dose: Why Your Doctor is Prescribing It.  Her medical license was removed because she provided alternatives to her patients to prescribed antibiotics that were more effective and without deadly side effects. Daniels explains how harmless Staphylococcus bacteria on our skin and Clostridium Difficile bacteria in our colon is turned into deadly superbugs. Here is how pathogenic C. Difficile is admittedly described by conventional medicine as caused by antibiotics:

Clostridium difficile colitis results from disruption of normal healthy bacteria in the colon, often from antibiotics. C. difficile can also be transmitted from person to person by spores. It can cause severe damage to the colon and even be fatal. Symptoms include diarrhea, belly pain, and fever. Treatment includes (more) antibiotics. Even when treated with antibiotics, the infection may come back. In rare cases, fecal transplant (bacteriophage) or surgery may be needed”.

Antibiotics turn good bacteria into a resistant pathogen by creating protective Capsids (transporter shells) that only appear when bacteria are attacked by antibiotics, explains Dr. Daniels. Resistance occurs as a natural reaction by the body to protect its stores of essential bacteria.  Capsids are described as nanoparticles that encapsulate a bacteria or microbe to protect it and safely transport it into a host cell where it releases it.  Capsids are self-assembling, replicating, and together with the captured bacteria, seem to meet the definition of what Germ Theorists call a “virus”.  Capsids cannot be easily isolated because they occur in triplets with bacteria and aren’t pathogenic until they are delivered to a host cell.

Capsid-ized bacteria are not made in a secret lab in Wuhan, China, or by bio-researcher Ralph Barik in a DOD lab as a bioweapon.  They have been made naturally for decades in hospitals after antibiotics replaced bacteriophages and other less harmful methods to contain hospital induced infections. Nor are they to be confused with the hysterical reports of “lipid nanoparticles” purportedly in COVID vaccines that can invade a cell to create bugaboo spike proteins.  Instead, mRNA vaccines are potential “toxic bombs” but have never been able to penetrate human cells and instead are exploded by the Innate Immune System and scattered into organs where their accumulation can be harmful, says independent pathologist Stefano Scoglio, PhD.  The bioweapon story and lipid nanoparticle vax story apparently are ways to deflect blame away from lucrative antibiotic sales made by pharmaceutical companies and administered in hospitals that has been embraced by many Alternative Medicine doctors and advocates as well.

Dr. Daniels is also the author of the book Murder by Medicine Is No Accident (available in Kindle format).  According to Daniels, all prescribed drugs are administered at the lethal dosage as the standard of care.  Natural antibiotics such as garlic, aloe vera and tissue salts, along with Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide, are effective at clearing microbe infections without potentially deadly side effects (this is corroborated by Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB-ChB, PhD, How to Survive in a World Without Antibiotics, 2015). High cholesterol is falsely believed to cause clogged arteries but keeping cholesterol levels below 250 starves our Innate Immune System keeping us in a state of perpetual vulnerability. The body’s cleansing and regeneration systems can also be suppressed by using so-called synthetic Vitamin D which is a drug company hormone not a vitamin made naturally from sunlight like, say, cod liver oil. Moreover, high dose and intravenous Vitamin C can result in kidney failure.  And Ivermectin merely numbs symptoms and cures nothing and cannot treat mutant superbugs made from the deadly combination of antibiotics and good bacteria or fungi.  Furthermore, Pneumonia can also be caused by a lack of collagen from a dietary deficiency of connective tissue meats, called Interstitial Pneumonia, not necessarily Viral or Bacterial Pneumonia.   Daniels points out that many definitive studies have found that modern medicine, including public sanitation (and vitamin supplementation) have little to nothing to do with health or longevity, but diet and private sanitation of toilets per person positively effect health outcomes.

The Virus vs. No Virus debate is a false dichotomy and dialectic that is diverting attention from overkill antibiotics that are lethal and leave its survivors with chronic diseases. For example, antibiotics wipe out the irreplaceable bacteria (Oxalobacter Formigenes) needed to control oxalates which are a natural pesticide in plant food such as spinach and chocolate that make kidney stones.  And 80% of oxalates are made in the liver from Aspergillus Fungus and Vitamin C once good gut bacteria are wiped out.  Excess oxalate/kidney stones result in long term chronic conditions such as kidney failure leading to systemic Sepsis organ failure, arthritis, hypothyroidism, joint failures requiring knee replacements, breast cancers, unrecognized arterial plaques from oxalate chards, and cirrhosis of the liver.

This is dedicated to Bill Sardi who wrote on these pages and died of sepsis on Feb. 14, 2022, in a hospital with the known highest sepsis death rate in Los Angeles County.  Wayne Lusvardi writes at MachiavellianMan@Substack.

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